Charles S. (Chuck) Mauro, Jr.

  • Over 30 years experience in product development at Apple, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Video-7. Pico Machines and Cipher Systems
  • Analog and digital design, software/firmware engineering in C, C++, Assembler and hardware/firmware integration
  • Program management, product life-cycle planning, component engineering, value engineering, re-engineering, and purchasing
  • Contract negotiations and legal coordination
  • Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, Santa Clara University 

James D. Seymour

  • Over 25 years experience in embedded systems product development at Cipher Systems
  • 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessor firmware engineering in C and Assembler
  • Embedded and real-time operating systems, including eCos, FreeRTOS, and others
  • Hardware/firmware integration
  • BSCS, Oregon State University

Carl B. Van Wormer, P.E.

  • Over 30 years experience in product development companies including ESI and Cipher Systems
  • Metrology, analog design and instrumentation
  • Video conversion and embedded data stream insertion and extraction
  • Failure analysis
  • Registered Oregon Professional Engineer
  • BSEE, Portland State University